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Often times I hear people tell me that they used to watch a loved one crochet (or knit), and wished they had they foresight to learn from them.  My mother offered to teach me, but said later when I approached her, that she had forgotten.  I was on my own for learning how to crochet.


For learning how to knit, my grandmother tried to teach me.  And she did try!  After watching my long struggle with the two needles, she said I'd be better of crocheting. 

Now I share my crochet knowledge with my mother; my beloved grandmother is long gone, unaccessible for further knitting help.


So how is it then, when I look at old family photographs that it seemed so many OTHER family members had something crocheted or knitted?  Who made those items?  Did they?  There is no one for me to ask; those still around don't remember.

What about you?  Do you have mystery crochet & knit projects showing up in your family albums too? 

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