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Posted on May 8, 2009 at 8:32 AM

At the local "Coffee, Crochet & Chat" session held at our local Borders bookstore, HHCC member Kathy decided it's time I learn to throw caution to the wind and learn traditional knitting.

At first it was awkward.  It felt like I had cucumbers for hands.  They refused to cooperate; they wanted a crochet hook.  They wanted to thread the yarn as I do for crochet.  Kathy said, in the long run, I will be happier learning to "throw" my yarn as it will allow me to later on learn how to do two handed knitting.


Wait a minute!  Two handed knitting?  Isn't that what I was doing?  After all, I had a knitting needle in each hand ...


No, she meant two handed as in multi-stranded, multi-colored knitting.




So I gave it a go.  Insert hook, er needle from the front, in the loop making a sharp right banking maneuver (banking as in a term used in flying), and then delving into the under world by throwing the yarn UNDER the needle, wrapping the yarn, bobbing my head during this motion, and then pulling the needle back through the stitch.  Repeat.


By the time our gathering was done my hands no longer felt like cucumbers.  Carrots maybe, but not cucumbers.  I'd say thats an improvement.  Now, to squeeze in time to practice ...

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