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Heavenly Inspiration?

Posted on March 6, 2012 at 5:00 PM

I was chatting with my friend, Grace, when we got to talking about me getting 'caught' with knitting sticks in my hands -- again. Is this a new trend for me? I'm not sure.

I was doing some research on terms crocheters use in patterns that alert when the project is complete (blog post is here; when I came across an antique knit pattern book featuring designs for men. I don't collect antique knit patterns, so I was a little confused on how it got into my crochet pattern collection.

I let this knit pattern book sit in my "current interest" pile I keep near my works-in-progress; I found I kept opening the book and stopping at one particular stitch pattern. Since the photo was old, seeing the stitch detail was difficult. I had such a strong desire to see the actual stitch worked up that I stopped working on my other projects, went to my knitting needle drawer, pulled out a pair of No. 10's and started knitting up a little swatch. I remember thinking, "Oh! This stitch is so cool! I wonder if I can translate it to crochet?" I kept on swatching; I think it's growing into a scarf.

I told Grace the story of how my grandmother struggled in helping me learn how to knit, and that she strongly advised me I should "...go back to crocheting" because I just wasn't "getting it."

Grace, who crochets and knits, thinks perhaps my current interest in knitting is more than a trend - she's thinking its a heavenly message!

"When did your grandmother pass," Grace asked.

"In 1990," I replied. Then I remembered my father had brought over a few of my grandmother's things a few years back - including her sewing box (that I've yet to be able to open without tears from missing her so much).

"That's it!" Grace exclaimed; "It's your grandmother who is sending you a message that you should play with this pattern!"

What a lovely thought! And if I needed a pinch more of proof that perhaps this is the case, then I need to look no further than the year the book was published - it is the same year my father was born; 1941!

After Grace and I ended our call, I proceeded to stitch up a few more rows. Yikes! I messed up an entire row and need to peel (tink I think is what they call it) about 6 rows down -- I think I'm going to need some heavenly help on this!

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